Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner

spinning babies aware practitioner

I am so excited to announce I’m now a Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner. This advanced body work certification gives more hands-on options to help pregnant clients balance the pelvis and create optimum space for baby. This bodywork incorporates massage, muscle release work, active movements, and stretching. The Spinning babies® philosophy is that fetal positions are not random, that babies fit the space available. Yet, thinking of the size of the baby or the pelvis is not enough. Birth anatomy can be flexible. Both the uterus and the pelvis have more available room when the muscles and other soft tissues are balanced.

These techniques can be used after the 1st trimester and are most effective 34 weeks on. I have added new body balancing sessions that can be done alone in a 60 min session or during a massage as a 30 minute add-on. They will also be a part of my prenatal doula visits during the hands-on prenatal and as a separate prenatal at 37-39 weeks. These body balancing session can also be very helpful for babies that are presenting breech, transverse, or posterior to help them move themselves into a better position. They are great when combined with chiropractic care and acupuncture before an ECV (external cephalic version or ECV is “a technique, performed late in pregnancy, in which the doctor attempts to manually move a breech baby into the head down position.” ACOG).

As a Spinning babies® Aware Practitioner, I’m excited to help my clients have more comfort in pregnancy, easier birth experience, and help for babies who may need a little more room to maneuver. Find out more about my prenatal body balancing sessions here.