Prenatal body balance sessions

Why schedule a Prenatal body balance session with your massage?

What is a Prenatal Body Balance Session? Bodywork specific to the pelvis, abdomen, low back, uterine ligaments, and all around the pelvis.

Why do I want it? This work allows the body to relax and release muscles on a deeper level to balance the pelvis and remove restrictions that might cause pain or discomfort during pregnancy or labor. With the baby in a good position labor can be easier, faster, and less painful.

How is it Different from a Regular Prenatal Massage? While a prenatal massage session can reduce overall pain and discomfort in the body and help with sleep. A prenatal body balance session takes it a step further. By balancing and releasing restrictions around the pelvis and uterus it allows baby more options to find the best position for labor and birth.

Body balance sessions are also part of my doula prenatal visits and my be used during labor to facilitate comfort and baby rotation. Here is a list of things Prenatal body balancing sessions combined with moms own Spinning Babies® exercises and movements may do.

  • Allow baby to achieve or maintain an ideal position
  • Release tension in muscles
  • Shift the space available
  • Decrease need for some medical interventions
  • Helpful when getting an EVC to turn a breech baby
  • Very effective when combined with chiropractic adjustments
  • Eases your baby’s efforts to move down easier with contractions
  • Decrease pain while letting contractions be more effective
  • Seems like your pelvis is larger and baby seems smaller
  • Support a spontaneous start –and finish– to labor
  • Allows gravity and movement to be more effective
  • Align yourself to maintain the function you enhanced with body balancing
  • Learn more about my Prenatal Body Balancing sessions here.

60 min Pregnancy Body Balancing Session. Targeted session to balance the pelvis and create optimum space for baby. This session incorporates massage, muscle release work, active movements, and stretching. These body balancing sessions can also be very helpful for babies that are presenting breech, transverse or posterior to help them move themselves into a better position. Most effective at 32-42 weeks.

Pregnancy Body Balancing Session add-on. Comprehensive body balance, release, and relaxation. This is an additional 30 minutes added to any prenatal massage session to balance the pelvis and create optimum space for baby. This session incorporates a full massage and body balancing session.

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