BBC Postpartum Doula

 A postpartum doula is a great resource for new moms/parents. What does a Postpartum doula do?

  • Allow mom/parent to get some much needed “me” time with a shower or a nap.
  • Help with laundry and dishes.
  • Do other light chores around the house.
  • Make simple meals for the mother or family.
  • Help with other children in the home.
  • Help with basic baby care information and breastfeeding information.

PPD services are $100 per visit up to 3 hours per day as needed. Postpartum Doula services are only available in combination with birth doula services and can be added to any birth doula package.

“I wish they had postpartum doulas when I had my first baby. The week I had him I had no support, my hubby had to go back to work the day we came home, and my mom could not come out until the end of the week. That was a long hard week and a postpartum doula would have made a world of difference.” Mindy

Mindy is a certified Postpartum Birth Boot Camp doula