Free Birth Doula Consult with Massage $75-80 minutes

Take the stress out of looking for a birth doula by getting a massage!

Combining a 60 min massage with a doula birth consultation. The 1st 60 minutes is a relaxing and therapeutic massage. The last 20 min your partner can join us and go over birth doula services. You get to ask all your questions at your leisure anytime during your visit, get to know what kind of massage I give, it is a great way to see if we are a good fit and feel comfortable together. After the massage your partner, if desired, can join us in person or via zoom. We can go over what to expect with me as your doula, packages, pricing, and contract info. You will leave the interview well acquainted, relaxed and feeling better, and with a very good idea of if we are a good fit.

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