To Be Unique

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Our view of the world differs from the world itself by a set of filters we can call individual constraints or our own unique personal experiences/history. Every individual has a personal history that is as unique to him/her as their fingerprints.

As we grow and mature we all have novel experiences of growing up and living that are known only us. No two life histories will ever be identical. The models or maps we create in the process of living are based on our individual experiences and how we interpret these events. These uncommon or unique ways each of us sees the world will end up constituting a set of interests, habits, likes and dislikes and rules for behavior which are distinctly our own. These differences in our experiences will guarantee each of us has a model of the world which in some way will be different from many other person’s model of the world.

As we think about this it needs to remind us to be more tolerant and understanding of others whose model of the world doesn’t match ours and to listen to what they think and feel so we can learn something new.

Dr. Moody

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