Your Opinion Matters

Dr Moody


I am often amazed at how little people think of themselves. I recently had a woman who was injured several years ago by a fall and who relies on her family for care say, “I am such a burden and I have little to offer to anyone around me”. She and many others often believe they have little to offer to others and their opinion does not count.

Let me make it very clear, your opinion always counts! I say this because of the way each of us is put together. We all come from hundreds of millions of different gene combinations from our parents and grandparents and genetically none of us is alike. All of us are raised in a different environment even if you come from the same family as your siblings and are all raised in the same town and home. No one ever has the same experiences as their siblings or friends. We may all go to the same place or be in the same accident or have the same physical experience but because of our genetics and experience to that point in our lives we see it in a different manner and it impacts us in a different way. Thus our sense of the experience is different. Because of all of the factors affecting our lives on a daily basis we are all singularly different.

As a result I would be depriving myself of an experience by not listening to someone’s opinion no matter their age or situation because theirs is a unique perspective.

Dr Moody

This is the first in a series of posts from my dad Doctor Richard Moody Psychologist. I thought it would be fun to share some of his past words of wisdom. Enjoy! To learn more about my doula work or massage click here.

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